My name is Ernest Ronk and I love sports.  My wife thinks I love sports a little too much since it’s “just a game.”  This is where her and I disagree.  To me it’s more than just a game, it’s sports.  That is where the name of this site came from.

I’ll do my best to provide information on the world of sports.  I am not a professional writer but I hope my passion for all of major American sports makes up for my shortcomings with the written word.

I grew up playing everything.  Golf and baseball during the summer.  Football in the fall.  Basketball in the winter.  No matter what time of year there was always a ball of some sort in my hand.

I don’t watch TV shows.  I don’t go to movies.  I watch sporting events.  My whole life revolves around it.

You would think with my passion for sports that I would have a favorite team for each.  The truth is, I just like the game.  Of course the Showtime Lakers were incredible.  I loved Magic, Worthy and Kareem.

I used to be a big Denver Broncos fan.  John Elway took the team to countless deep runs in the playoffs before finally breaking through and winning a couple of Super Bowls.

For baseball it was always the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Kirk Gibson’s home run against the Oakland A’s was one of my first memories as a kid.  That stadium blew up as he could barely trot around the bases.  That to me showed why sports is more than just a game.  Those people were energized.

Now, I still lean towards those teams.  But I can watch just about anything.  Stephen Curry is playing amazing basketball for the Golden State Warriors.  I don’t like missing one of his games.

The San Antonio Spurs put on a clinic.  I’m going to miss Pop when he finally decides to retire.

The young players in baseball make this a great time for the sport.  Mike Trout is going to be one of the best of all time.  I would also argue Clayton Kershaw is too.  I’m excited to see how their careers pan out.

Then there is the NFL.  My Broncos recently won another Super Bowl.  However, every single Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night I’m glued to the TV to watch whoever is playing.  It doesn’t have to be one of my favorite teams.  I just like watching that sport more than any other.

That’s not to say I don’t like college sports.  I do.  Especially bowl season and March Madness.  But the quality of play is just higher in the pros and you have to respect that.

I am married but we don’t have any kids yet.  When we do I’m going to have to try and pretend that it doesn’t matter if they win or lose.  I’ll need to tone down my competitiveness a little bit.  Maybe writing for his blog will help me do that.  But I doubt it  🙂